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Adult  Includes Cruise, Snorkeling, Morning and Afternoon Teas, Lunch, Courtesy Coach Transport. $165.00

Child  (4 to 14 yrs)

All inclusive as shown above. ID may be requested.


Infants (0 to 3 years)

Family Ticket  (2 Adults, and 2 Children 4-14)

All inclusive as shown above.


Scuba Diving  (All Equipment Provided)

Try an Introductory Resort Dive or go on a Certified Dive with our own Instructor.

(Subject to meeting safety medical requirements--over 50 years or asthmatics require a medical).





for 2nd Dive (Cert Dive only)

Reef Tax/Administration Charge

An Environmental Management Contribution and Administration Charge is applicable for each person entering the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.


Private or Corporate Charter

Contact us for a detailed quote and itinerary that will meet your needs.


Prices are correct at time of publication of this web page, but are subject to change.

Our destination may have to change on any day to make the most of  the prevailing weather conditions, and we have the right to cancel.

All prices include GST.

Any passenger cancellations within 24 hours of departure (including missing the pick up time, or not arriving on time if making own way) will be charged at full price.